"I attended your speech last Tuesday and just wanted to send you a note to say damn girl, you NAILED IT! Seriously, I figured it was going to be some awful speaker that I was going to be checking on Snapchat and Insta the whole time but you did a fantastic job! Your message was awesome and as lame as this may sound, it helped me do a little mental sorting and figure my life out a bit more. Also, thank you for keeping it real. I know a lot of speakers go up there and put on a big show but you were so relatable. This may be such a weird e-mail but I just felt you did a great job and I wanted to let you know! I know not only I but other chapter members felt the same about the workshop! Thank you again!" -Jordan Cofer, Alpha Delta Pi at Western Kentucky

"Tina! Panhellenic boasted an impressive year! We had our second largest recruitment class in 20 years, and had the 2nd highest number of women placed in 20 years. Over 90% of women who began recruitment were placed in a sorority and accepted a bid. There was a 100% placement rate for PNM's who persisted to the bid round. Even single intentional preferences received offers…No sad calls= Huge success. We have collected some data that suggested that conversation is a critical part of the recruitment process the majority of respondents said that conversation and women were the primary reason for why they joined. Only 5 % said they joined for themes, songs or skits (Boom.) Great year overall. We have been firing on all cylinders and seems to have a pretty happy bunch of New Members reppin' their letters on campus. It was great to have you with us. Great success!" -Greg Golden, Greek Life Advisor, University of New Mexico

"I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you brought Gamma Alpha today. I learned so much, and I'm happy that so many first time recruiters were able to hear advice and learn about the recruitment process from someone who really knows what she's doing. (I definitely wish we had you here when I was a noob.) It is pretty difficult to get a group of girls excited about anything recruitment related, but you totally crushed it. The energy in the room skyrocketed as the day progressed, and the girls kept saying how much they enjoyed your humor (duh), methods, suggestions, and overall love of what we are doing. Our chapter is lucky to have had you in our company, and we are definitely going to be the most confident and prepared this fall." -Lauren Cerny, Alpha Gamma Delta at University of Georgia

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