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Hi! We're Phired Up.

We believe that fraternities and sororities change the world - for the better - every day.

We believe that fraternities and sororities help people become the best version of themselves.

We believe that fraternities and sororities matter - matter to people, communities, and the world.

We believe that more people in fraternities and sororities = a better world.

Watch (and share) this video to learn more:

Our Reason for Being is simple. We exist to help fraternities and sororities find more people AND to help more people find fraternities and sororities.

We teach, coach, research, and write about how fraternities and sororities can recruit and retain more high quality people through a values-centered, research-based, relationship-focused approach. All of our services from research to coaching to training combine our years of experience to achieve one simple goal - Grow Fraternity and Sorority Life.

There are three core messages we share with fraternities and sororities:

Dynamic Recruitment
Social Excellence
Retention & Engagement

We want to help you grow your organization or find a fraternity or sorority that's right for you. We want to be on your team. We can help you, your chapter, community or inter/national organization do just that because we know that more people in fraternities and sororities = a better world.

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Matt Mattson

Matt Mattson is co-founder and President of Phired Up. Matt believes he was put on Earth to help people gather together to talk about the important stuff of life. When Matt joined Alpha Sigma Phi while he attended GVSU, he fell in love with the sacredness of brotherhood and the world changing power of organizations like sororities and fraternities. He has a Master’s in Education and an undergraduate degree in advertising and public relations. He’s a proud daddy to two daughters who like to hike with their mom and dad in their family’s home state of Colorado.

Josh Orendi

Josh Orendi is co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Phired Up. Since starting the company in 2002 with Matt, Josh has been intensely focused on making it easier to put more of the right people in sororities & fraternities. Josh joined Alpha Sigma Phi at Bethany College, worked as an expansion professional for Alpha Sig, serves as a national board member for the fraternity, and has been shaped to be a better man, a better entrepreneur, and a better husband and father by the values of his organization. 

Branden Stewart

Branden is Phired Up’s COO. He leads our administration, logistics, financials, communications, and operations efforts. Branden has a deep love for Pizza, is a proud alumnus of Grand Valley State University (where he joined Delta Sigma Phi), and uses sarcasm like Picasso used a paint brush. Branden started at Phired Up as a super-intern many years ago.

Woody Woodcock

Woody is Phired Up's Vice President. He deeply believes in and cares for the groups that he coaches, trains, and inspires. He builds championship level recruiters by bringing out their true potential. He is a proud member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. He went to school at Georgia Southern. He is the most curious person you'll ever meet. And a true southern gentleman.

Jason Allen

Jason is the Curriculum and Learning Director for Phired Up. Have you ever met someone and known instantly that they’re super smart? Jason is one of those people. He uses his expertise to help us create incredible curriculum for college students and higher education professionals across the country. He is a member of Phi Kappa Psi.

Erin Chatten

Erin serves as Research Director for Phired Up Productions. If you want to analyze the important questions of fraternity/sorority growth, Erin’s your go-to person. Also, if you want to talk about poutine, maple syrup, or geocaching, look no further than this Canadian-born treasure hunter. Erin studied at Oakland University in Michigan, and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Matt Farrell

Matt is an Education and Training Director for Phired Up. He’s earned two degrees from the University of Connecticut, where he became a member of Phi Gamma Delta. After several years leading the wildly successful expansion efforts of his international fraternity, Matt joined our team to use his recruitment expertise to help shape the experiences of chapters across North America.

Megan Moffett

Megan runs the show. As the Director of Operations, very little happens within Phired Up that doesn't go through Megan. Customer service, contracts, finances, product distribution, communications, and the list goes on. She keeps the Phire burning, if you'll pardon the expression. Megan went to the University of Indianapolis.

Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre

The esteemed Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre, Ed.D. is Phired Up's resident genius (well, she has a fancy degree anyway). Her title is Innovation Project Manager. She's a brilliant researcher, a gifted trainer, and will care for you like she's the world's greatest mother. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, and she went to Belmont Univ., EIU, & Trevecca Nazarene.

Andy Bremer

Andy is an Organizational Growth Coach for Phired Up. His true passion is helping fraternities grow, and he’s one of the best recruiters we’ve ever met. Andy said once that he knows recruitment better than he knows himself, and after the amazing work he did for over half a decade starting new chapters of his fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, we won’t argue.

Abby Ford

Abby is an Organizational Growth Expert for Phired Up. She graduated from Florida State University, where she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma and led one of the largest recruitment efforts in the country. She also earned her Master's Degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs from Indiana University. She’s an avid Harry Potter fan, and loves spending time with her friends and family. 

Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor is an Organizational Growth Coach. Alex is a graduate of Huntingdon College, where he was a founding father of his fraternity, Sigma Nu. While working for his fraternity, he became an industry leader in fraternity growth. Alex brings a wealth of expansion and marketing expertise to our team, in addition to his southern charm and witty sense of humor.

Catie Feagans

Catie is kind, loving, and is here to care for you. She loves to cook, she loves to plan, she loves to organize. She's a hero to the Phired Up team. As Operations & Support Assistant, she takes care of everything. Catie's a member of Phi Beta Chi Sorority, which she joined at Purdue.

Tyler Blaker

Tyler is the Media Specialist for Phired Up. After joining Sigma Chi at Hanover College, Tyler helped his chapter implement dynamic recruitment. Now he’s responsible for helping to craft beautiful and helpful videos that will help other organizations do the same. He is super smart, super creative, and super excited to help fraternities and sororities grow.

Kayley-Jean (KJ) McNamara

KJ is Phired Up's Professional Recruitment Consultant. She believes in you. Seriously, she knows how amazing you are and will help you realize it too. She's a coach, a speaker, and a sassy young lass who will kick your... Anyway, she went to Wazzu and Mizzou. She's a proud member of Kappa Delta. You will really like KJ... She's fun, smart, funny, and genuinely kindhearted.

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