Testimonials: Headquarters Coaching Successes

Staff members from fraternity headquarters that have chosen to partner with Phired Up share thoughts about their organization's expansion success.

“Having the opportunity to work with Phired Up Productions truly increased my fraternity’s opportunity to succeed and influence others. The creating of a hands-on learning environment directly influenced our success on expansion. Having someone outside of the Fraternity review our expansion game plan and provide insightful feedback and tweaking was incredibly helpful. With the coaching support from Phired Up, the learning curve was minimized. We credit a lot of the success to the re-colonization of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu at UMass-Amherst to the direct training and encouragement of our friends at Phired Up.” - Kyle Reigler, Sigma Alpha Mu HQ Expansion Consultant

“Working with Phired Up has been, without a doubt, one of the most important factors in our successes so far. It is important for expansion recruiters to find their style within the process that will help them be the most successful; this is where Phired Up has been the most helpful. Our coach is genuine and actually cares about the people he works with. He is knowledgeable and relatable to factors within the dynamic recruitment process, and he always finds a way to make sure you are at your personal best. He is a great motivator who challenges each member to strive for greatness and put forth the necessary work ethic that each project needs. If it weren’t for Phired Up coaching, I would not have been able to stay positive through the daily grind that is expansion and keep finding the courage that it takes to be successful.” - Kenny Traber, Delta Sigma Phi HQ Expansion Consultant

“Coaching for our expansion teams has served to not only be valuable in the success of our projects, but also in the professional development of our team members. Our coach encourages us to lead in our daily lives, focus hard on the process, and brings to light details that are sometimes looked over when we are fully submerged in an expansion. His outside experience, both as a coach and an expansion professional, is supportive and motivating. Many of the ideas he has brought to our team, along with his encouragement to make them our own, have now become best practices.” - RJ Taylor, Alpha Tau Omega HQ Expansion Consultant

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