Finding better people requires us to have better conversations with potential members... more values-based conversations.  That doesn't however, require us to ask people, "So, what do you value?" because frankly, that's a little creepy.  Most fraternities and sororities are left wondering, "How do I have more values-based conversations then?" And most commonly, "What is values-based recruitment?"

iValU provides an opportunity for fraternity and sorority communities to actually bring values into the conversation in a normal, natural way, while allowing potential members and chapters to make better decisions about which people or which organization is the right fit.  It's creating a values-based recruitment culture without it being weird or creepy - but being real.

iValU is changing the conversation in fraternity and sorority recruitment.

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The iValU program has been used by a variety of communities, been peer-assessed, evaluated, and constantly improved to fit the trends and needs of today's fraternity and sorority communities.  The program is composed of two parts: 1) iValU for potential new members and 2). weValU for chapters.  This program is purchased by governing councils for the entire community to use.  

iValU for potential members is a 90-minute, peer-facilitated program that begins with Potential Members taking a personal values assessment called the Life Values Inventory - an inventory created by two really smart researchers (Duane Brown & Kelley Crace) while working at The College of William & Mary.  Once a potential member has received their inventory report, they are guided through group discussion and personal reflection to develop and understand what their values mean to them and how they will use those values to find a fraternity or sorority that's right for them.

weValU for Chapters is a program that mirrors the experience of the potential members.  Chapters are lead through a 90-minute workshop by an advisor, alumnae or university staff member to identify the core values the chapter wants in a potential member - core values that will help the chapter become better.  The chapter then, collectively discovers how they can determine, through normal conversation, within the process of recruitment if a potential member possesses those values.  

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