iValU Success At Elmhurst College

Elizabeth Doyle, the Associate Director of Student Activities and Director of Fraternity/Sorority Life and her sorority community at Elmhurst College were one of the first adopters of Phired Up's innovative iValU program. Their community is one of many success stories, and Elizabeth has become one of iValU's biggest proponents. Elizabeth has even built upon the iValU experience by including it in recruitment counselor interviews. We're so grateful for our partnership with Elmhurst.
In a recent E-mail to a fellow fraternity/sorority professional colleague, Elizabeth wrote the following.

I don't plan to go back to a recruitment without iValU. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • iValU allows recruits to take the reigns of their recruitment experience. The recruits are provided with the tools to have conversation based around the values that they're looking to get out of sorority life and college life.
  • iValU takes recruitment beyond recruitment. The way that you choose to facilitate the recruitment experience is up to you-- Imagine hosting the largest leadership/values program for women at your university.
  • iValU sets the stage for positive community and chapter culture-- it's an opportunity to reset the recruit lens for what it means to be a sorority woman at your university.
  • iValU allows recruitment counselors to facilitate a values-based leadership experience that feels authentic for everyone involved.
  • iValU allows recruitment counselors to personalize the recruitment experience for the recruits-- gone are the days when recruitment counselors have to think on the spot and try to remember difficult terms! By asking open ended questions regarding values reflections, the recruitment counselor is able to help the recruit to find her own answers and solutions.
  • iValU makes the realities of recruitment easier for recruitment counselors to navigate without worrying about specific NPC release figure method details. When a recruit gets released from a chapter, the recruitment counselor is able to help the recruit lean into her values reflections and understand two important things in a way that's easy to understand:

o   There are other chapters that have the values that she's looking for

o   Just as the recruit has certain values that they're looking for in a sorority and have to make difficult choices on which chapters to release, the chapter has certain values that they're looking for in new members and also have to make difficult choices on which recruits to release (even though they might keep everyone if they had the choice to!).

These are the main reasons that I've enjoyed watching the recruitment process unfold with the support of iValU. I will acknowledge the fact that the first group of Panhellenic officers were nervous to be a part of the pilot program because they thought that it might make students apprehensive to register for recruitment. I'm grateful that they took a calculated risk and believed in a vision for the future because our registration has only continued to grow-- and that means that more women have had a meaningful start to their sorority journey. 
This year iValU was the focus of recruitment counselor interviews for the first time-- and I was blown away by the things that I heard and overheard from the applicants:

  • A handful of the applicants shared that they referred back to their personal iValU booklet from when they were PNM's
  • One applicant filled out a new participant booklet and compared her answers to the one she completed as a PNM
  • One applicant shared that as she watched the iValU training video, she followed along with her personal iValU booklet from when she was a PNM

As an advisor, this is the type of reflection that you hope for and was also something that the person who is in your position was equally excited about (having been a past recruitment counselor herself). 


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