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Since 2002 Phired Up has provided unforgettable Training Workshops, game changing Coaching Services, best-selling Books, groundbreaking Research, and countless innovations for the fraternity/sorority movement -- all resulting in more people experiencing the life-changing gift of Greek Life.

Phired Up is making the world better by helping fraternities and sororities attract a higher quantity of high quality members.

Join us in our drive to grow the fraternity/sorority movement. Join us as a partner in changing lives. Join us by contacting us today.

How You Can Help

How can you help the fraternity/sorority world grow? 

 Here are 4 ways you can help the movement today.

 1. Share our Free Stuff with Greeks you know.
 2. Participate in Research (and learn about your own chapter).
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 4. Most importantly, RE-THINK GREEK RECRUITMENT. We can help.

We believe in fraternity and sorority. We know you do too. Let's work together to grow our movement and change the world.

Join The Phamily

Phired Up Productions is proud to have dozens of campus communities, inter/national organizations, local chapters, and alumni groups as "Phamily Partners." These partners have all made a long-term (multi-year) commitment to consistently sharing Phired Up's lessons with their fraternal leaders. When you think of engaging Phired Up to help your fraternal leaders, please consider a long-term partnership for the greatest impact.

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