Paul Manly, one of Phired Up's Organizational Growth Coaches, has been working with the Kappa Delta Rho chapter at Purdue University this year. We're excited to celebrate their recruitment success!

"Before we started using Phired Up I think we were going about recruitment all wrong," said Evan Boulware, the chapter's recruitment team chairman. "Mostly by being too passive, holding rush events and just expecting people to show up and choose us without us going above and beyond. A couple big changes we made this semester under Paul's coaching include using a recruitment team rather than a single recruitment chair, using a comprehensive names list and looking to connect with potential new members in small group activities other than rush events and parties."

The chapter recruited a 17-man new member class that they're incredibly proud of.

Manly tells the story, "President Jacob Schneider came to Phired Up in March of 2014 curious about how he could help his chapter improve recruitment practices and grow his group. In April we began a recruitment coaching partnership with the chapter. I was able to host an effective recruitment Training Day on campus in August -- where I met the new Recruitment Team chairman, Evan. We dove into the art and science of recruitment, everything from the Dynamic Recruitment process to specific skills like meeting people and extending bids. Evan has displayed some serious leadership, and I'm excited to see him continue to grow as a recruiter and a leader."

We asked Evan why the investment in a recruitment coach, and the extra effort that comes along with that investment was worth it for the chapter. His answer, "The results." He continued, "In one semester we increased our size by about 50%, and our new member class is twice the size of retained members from last fall. I think going forward recruitment is only going to be more successful with the large, motivated new member class.

"Paul and Phired Up have completely revamped how our chapter goes about recruiting. Phired Up didn't hold our hands and recruit this class for us, but instead gave us a foundation on how to properly recruit. Like the old cliche about teaching a man to fish, going forward I believe we can consistently sustain this success and continue to bring in upstanding new members in this quantity."

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