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Phired Up Thanks Tina VanSteenbergen; Supports Her Next Steps


Contact: Jessica Gendron Williams

Carmel, Ind. -- Tina VanSteenbergen is adored by her audiences, her co-workers, and anyone who has the chance to spend time with her. As a Phired Up recruitment and Social Excellence educator for the last three years, Tina has impacted thousands upon thousands of students. This week the entire Phired Up Productions "phamily" is thanking Tina for her hard work, her friendship, and for all that she has given our team and our industry.

Tina will start a new career on October 1, 2016 as a speaker with ForCollegeForLife. She will not be delivering recruitment training or Social Excellence education any longer; moving forward she will be focused on helping young women succeed in a modern world.

While at Phired Up, Tina focused most of her efforts on sorority women -- teaching them authentically and passionately about the power of genuine human connection, joyful vulnerability, and by demonstrating what it looks like to go through every day with a radiant spirit. Tina traveled tirelessly to inspire Phired Up audiences from coast to coast. Her presence within the Phired Up team culture has been palpable. She has left an indelible mark on the company and on the fraternity/sorority industry. She is a true friend and someone who will be deeply missed within the Phired Up "phamily."

Jessica Gendron Williams, Phired Up’s CEO, said, “Tina has been an invaluable part of the Phired Up team from the moment she joined. She’s pushed us to be better, she brings heart and soul to our work, and she’s been a passionate warrior for our cause long before she ever became an employee. Most importantly, she’s impacted the lives of young men and women - fraternity and sorority members - all over the country - helping them see the potential of what their Greek experience can be. She’s changed lives. She’s changed mine - and all of us at Phired Up. My heart breaks to see her go - but we know she’s off to exciting new adventures - and I am so grateful for the time we’ve had with her on our team.”

Tina notified Phired Up of her intended departure months ago, and she chose to continue serving Phired Up clients throughout the busiest month of the year (August) because she believed in Phired Up's cause and wanted to transition to her next role with integrity. Having a staff member transition away is never an easy thing, but Phired Up fully supports Tina's future endeavors with ForCollegeForLife.

Tina shared some thoughts from her heart, “Making the decision to leave was the most difficult part of my time with this team. I love Phired Up. I love these people. I love our clients. I love this work. I’m so grateful to have found my voice here. They have empowered me to believe in myself, my passion, and my message. I’m excited to continue to help sororities and fraternities, and to also extend my reach to other parts of the college experience. The work I’ve done with Phired Up has mattered deeply, but I believe my heart is calling me to share a new message. I can’t thank this team enough for being supportive, kind, and as always, my Phamily.”

While Phired Up hopes that their team always stays together, we know that sometimes people have to move on to new adventures. We are forever grateful to Tina for all that she has given our company, our clients, and to us as people.

Please join us in congratulating Tina on her next steps and celebrating all she has contributed while with Phired Up Productions.

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