Pre-Program Checklist

Congratulations on your decision to bring Phired Up training your audience.  This page provides information and a checklist to help you prepare for the program's success.  If you have any questions along the way, contact Phired Up's staff and we'll help answer anything.

Our keynote and training workshops typically focus on one of (or a combination of) Phired Up’s three core educational messages: Dynamic Recruitment, Social Excellence, and Retention & Engagement. But we’re different than a traditional “speaker” that just provides a couple of topic options that they can deliver.  Our core messages don’t restrict us – they give us freedom to create programming that will best suit your needs.  When you book Phired Up trainers for a programming day on your campus, we start with a conversation with you.  

We want to understand your needs and desired outcomes.  

We can work with any audience size and type from 20 leaders to 2000+ potential new members – we’ve done it all.  We can work within any schedule too.  Need a 60-minute keynote for Greek Week?  We can do that.   Need a 5-hour workshop for a recruitment retreat?  Yep, we can do that too.  The curriculum we create for whatever and whomever you need is always 100% customized to suit your needs, desired outcomes, schedule, and population.  The possibilities are limitless.

You'll talk with the Phired Up trainer(s) who are matched with your programming needs about a week before the date of delivery. If you need to talk sooner, just let us know.

Here are some questions for you to consider to prepare for your training program:

1. What are the key learning objectives you hope to achieve?

2. What is the ideal amount of time for Phired Up trainers to work with your audience?

3. How can Phired Up make the greatest amount of lasting impact while we're working with your students?

Here are some reminders about our training services:

  • When we teach RECRUITMENT, specifically, we teach fraternities and sororities differently (because of their unique recruitment processes). This means that you need TWO Phired Up trainers (one fraternity expert and one sorority expert) for your community.
  • Phired Up works with culturally-based groups as well as IFC/Panhellenic groups. Let us know how we can best help your community.
  • Phired Up's on-site training services are limited to 5 hours per day. Longer programming days are available for an additional $500/hour.  At that same rate, Phired Up can deliver chapter-specific training services to individual groups on the day of the program. Just work with your trainer or contact us today to make special arrangements.

To-Do List:

  1. Service Agreement: Please return the completed Phired Up Service Agreement as soon as possible.  Your program is not 100% secure without this agreement.
  2. Payment: PAYMENT IS DUE ON THE DAY OF THE PROGRAM OR BEFORE.  Please mail your payment prior to the program to Phired Up, or have the check cut and ready to send to Phired Up on the day of the program. If you have any questions about payment, please contact Megan Moffett.
  3. Schedule: Please send the start/end time for your workshop to Phired Up as soon as possible so that we can book travel and arrange to be there on time (we'd love to have that information at least 3 weeks before the event).  Please send the final schedule for Phired Up at least 7 days prior to the program.
  4. Audio/Visual and Speaker Introductions: A/V and Speaker Introduction needs can be found here. Please prepare all A/V and room arrangements as soon as possible to avoid day-of-program challenges.  If possible, do a test-run of the A/V equipment to ensure a PowerPoint presentation, video, and audio from computer/phone can all work well, along with testing the microphones.
  5. Directions and Parking: Please E-mail your Phired Up trainer(s) with directions to campus, to the building, and to the presentation room(s) 7 days prior to the program.  Please prepare parking permits and direct Phired Up to the appropriate parking areas at the program site.
  6. Support Materials: If your campus requires more materials or books beyond those outlined and agreed upon in the service agreement, please place your order at least 21 days prior to the program for materials to arrive on time. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Phired Up trainer will likely request that you print about 100+ pages of handouts prior to the program day.
  7. Campus Data: For college-based programs, prior to the program, please E-mail Phired Up the following information (if applicable): Total campus student population, Total undergraduate students, % of Men/Women on campus, % of students that are Greek, Total new members recruited over the past 2 years, Timeframe (dates, length, and description) of any formal recruitment period on campus, Sorority formal recruitment data (quota, total, drop rates, etc.) Any additional recruitment/intake or campus specific data is appreciated.
  8. Paperwork Requirements: To download a W-9, click here.  To obtain a Certificate of Insurance, email Megan Moffett. If additional paperwork is required, please send to Phired Up 30 days prior to the program date.
  9. Promotion: Successfully promoting the Phired Up program is the most important thing you can do to ensure its success.  Please do the following promotional tasks:
  • SEND AN EMAIL LIKE THIS ONE TO PARTICIPANTS (be sure to complete the date/time details
  • SHARE THIS VIDEO VIA TWITTER, FACEBOOK, EMAIL, etc. (included in the sample Email above too)
  • MAKE A FACEBOOK EVENT that can be shared by participants
  • PLAN TO HAVE SOMEONE INTRODUCE YOUR TRAINERS before the program (find bios/introductions for our trainers here)


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