"Simply Put, Phired Up Saved Us."

Phi Sigma Kappa Chapter at USC Recruits First Ever 30-Man Class with Phired Up Coaching

Samir Asthana is the recruitment chairman of Phi Sigma Kappa at University of Southern California. His chapter recruited its first ever 30-man new member class one semester after entering into a coaching partnership with Phired Up this year.

"Before Phired Up, our fraternity was struggling to make a name for itself in the Greek community. It felt as though no matter what we did, we just could not compete with other organizations that already had more members, larger funding, and stronger reputations. For a while, it seemed as though we would be stuck socially," said Samir.

At USC it is a common assumption amongst most chapters that a strong reputation is required for recruitment results. But the Phi Sig chapter learned that reputation is earned through relationships. They worked their tails off to build a Names List of over 700 students, they chose not to rely on formal recruitment, and they chose to play their own game with the help of Phired Up coaching.

Samir continued, "Simply put, Phired Up saved us. We learned something invaluable from their services: how to recruit better men. Before, we struggled to attain any sort of identity. Now, we are known across campus as being one of the most welcoming houses in the community with upstanding brothers of character. While last year we worked incredibly hard to get a handful of new members, this year we’ve had to turn down a lot more potential new members because there were so many. I cannot thank or recommend Phired Up enough for all of their help!"

Every chapter Phired Up has coached this fall has recruited their largest new member class in at least the last 4 semesters. Dynamic Recruitment (and long-term coaching) works.

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