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    Sorority Recruitment Webinar Package

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    Sorority Recruitment Individual Webinars

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Phired Up is now offering a Panhellenic Recruitment webinar series on-demand! The webinars will provide helpful information for BOTH Panhellenic officers and Chapter officers. Most of this curriculum is BRAND NEW from our team, and will help your officers think of recruitment from a dynamic new perspective.

Below are the 5 webinar topics, which have been previously recorded and are now available for you ON-DEMAND anytime!

Asking Good Questions 

As sorority women, we are in the relationship business. It’s our job to build relationships in recruitment. The best way for us to do that is to ask really good questions during recruitment. This webinar will be useful for Panhellenic Officers and Chapter Officers. We will spend time talking about how to train our chapter members to ask questions to really get to know PNMs. Then we will transition to talk about how to train our PNMs in asking questions during recruitment for our Panhellenic Officers.

Shame Resilience 

Recruitment can be detrimental to PNMs and their confidence during recruitment. Shame is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Particularly as women in recruitment, it can be much more likely. In this webinar, we will spend time talking about and understanding shame in recruitment, how to help our recruitment counselors talk about it, and train our recruitment counselors to be supportive for PNMs throughout recruitment. This webinar will be specifically helpful for Panhellenic officers and Recruitment Counselors.

Strengthening Sisterhood 

Sisterhood is a foundational component of our organizations and the bonds that we share. Recruitment can place a lot of pressure on those bonds so during our preparation it is essential to spend some time facilitating and enriching those relationships. Our next webinar will help chapter officers identify the value of sisterhood time in recruitment as well as identify some helpful activities to do during spirit week.

Seeing Past the Thrills 

Frills. No Frills Recruitment. Values Based Recruitment. As Panhellenic officers, we hear these phrases over and over again. With every new crop of PNMs, it seems to get harder and harder to encourage them to really see the importance of looking past the frills and how they can impact their perceptions in recruitment. In this webinar, we will talk about the frills of recruitment, the role they play, as well discuss how to help PNMs focus on the important qualities about joining a sorority.

Introverts vs. Extroverts

We all know that different chapter members and PNMs have different personality types. Our final webinar will spend some time talking about introverts and extroverts. We will talk about different characteristics of both personality types, along with ways to support our chapter members throughout recruitment and tactics about how to make PNMs feel comfortable. This webinar will be helpful for chapter officers facilitating recruitment.


An average Phired Up webinar is $250, but we're excited to offer these five webinars at a very reduced rate! You can participate in the ENTIRE webinar series for only $400. Individual webinars are only $125. This is an opportunity to save over 60% on cutting edge Phired Up Programming all at a distance over summer months, or any time throughout the year!

Do you have questions about webinars? Looking for custom webinars or training? Email our team at to let us know how we can assist!

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