Success Story: Delta Sigma Phi Purdue

In January Phired Up’s Director of Chapter Coaching, Matt Geik, launched a Dynamic Recruitment, M.D. partnership with the Delta Sigma Phi chapter at Purdue University, and the group has found some early success.

For the last three spring semesters, the chapter had recruited 8 men, 9 men, and 9 men respectively.  So far this spring Geik has coached the chapter to securing 23 new members already (and they’re still going)! After enduring a process last fall of making sure only the right members remained in the chapter, the group committed to improving their organization by driving a high quantity of high quality men into their ranks.  In the first 14 days of the partnership the Delta Sigs at Purdue had built a 350-person Names List from scratch using Phired Up’s Dynamic Recruitment techniques (including Mind Joggers, Tabling, a Sock Drive which accumulated over 100 names in under 2 hours, and Facebook).  

Geik continues to coach this chapter, and the group is continuing their recruitment efforts.  If they keep up this effort, the group will establish a long-term culture of recruitment excellence for years to come.

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