Success Story: Drury University IFC

Matt Mattson connected with an undergraduate fraternity leader from Drury University, named Ethan, at a recent conference. After a short conversation, Matt asked Ethan to share his chapter and IFC community's success story via E-mail.  Here is an excerpt!

"After attending some of your sessions last year at AFLV, I decided to change up the way that the way that formal recruitment would be done. My goal was to make it more personal, and to give them time to really get to know the guys from each chapter. So the first thing we did was to move recruitment to almost a month into school. The goal being that they would have time to get to know the chapters, and the other potential new members, so it could help their decision; was also nice for marketing. Then we made it a little more of an informal setting, by adding two extra days of chapter activities, and cutting two days of Formal house tours and etc. We also did a couple of ice breaker nights the weekend before recruitment started. Using some of the tools on your website, and info from your sessions, our total going through recruitment jumped from 55 the previous year to 80 this year, 75 of which joined a chapter. My chapter, Lambda Chi Alpha, went from having 12 associate members the year before to 25 this year, 19 of which we thought were ready for initiation and 3 that are going through again this semester." 

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