Success Story: Oregon State Sigma Pi

We recently received this cool E-mail from a Phired Up phan at Oregon State:

Hi Josh and Matt,

Here is a short story about the success of my chapter after attending the Phired Up workshop earlier this year!

After two years of minimal success during Spring rush week at Oregon State University, Sigma Pi was looking for a new way to recruit. We were tired of seeing other houses recruit so many more guys during Spring, and knew there was something we could be doing better. After attending a very informative and motivating Phired Up workshop, our house had the knowledge and tools it needed to have a great spring recruitment class. By getting the entire house involved and following the Phired Up program, our recruitment chairmen and committee were able to lead our chapter to finding a couple hundred new contacts on campus, getting many of them over to the house, and giving bids to the ones who showed the highest potential. Our spring recruitment class of 14 was the largest on campus and by far the most in recent chapter history. 


Sean Brown

Omega Chapter of Sigma Pi

Oregon State University

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