Read this testimonial from a Phi Kappa Tau alumni advisor about the lasting impact of Phired Up's training sessions.

From: Mark Scher
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 12:04 PM
Subject: Phi Kappa Tau - National Convention - Washington DC - July 3, 2014

Good Afternoon Vince.

I am writing you as an alumni member of Phi Kappa Tau as I attended our last National Convention in which you were a guest speaker. I must admit that when I hear that there will be a guest speaker, I immediately try to find out how long the speaker has to speak. I then battle in my mind if I should stay or simply step out. I often think that I would rather drink bleach than listen to a guest speaker……

That being said, I stayed during your allotted time figuring I would ‘stick it out’. To my complete disbelief, your interactive presentation was completely different than anything I have ever experienced. Not only did I completely enjoy it, but I was dumbfounded with some of the simplest of points that I had learned from you. Your presentation was so very enlightening and packed with real useable information -- not only to be used in recruitment, but in life. I have implemented a few of your teachings in my life and I have found that each and every time I use one of these things, I become more involved with that person with which I am engaging.

As I will not bore you with a lot of stories, there is one that I will share. I went to a Philanthropy event at a chapter in which I chair the Board of Governors (Alumni Advisory Board). During my stay, I met an ‘Associate Member’ (more commonly referred to as a ‘pledge’). The four typical exchanges happened; Hello? What’s your name? Where are you from? and What’s your major? It was then I used my ‘Phired Up’ experience to follow up with this, “Interesting. Why did you select that major?” Suddenly any sort of barricade that may have laid between us was dismantled and the proverbial ‘flood gates’ opened to a very personal and protected side of this young man. You see this student was studying Neurology. He wanted to go on to become a full fledged neurologist because when he was 13 years old his Grandfather needed brain surgery. His family had no means to pay for that surgery so the doctor performed the surgery for free and paid for all of the hospital and other medical costs. He wanted to simply ‘pay it forward’ and do the same for someone else in the future. I was so moved by this that I asked him to stop the story as I literally ‘teared up’ with emotion. I let some time pass and went back to him with this, “Your story really moved me. I know you felt a closer bond between us once you told me your story as I felt the same. Now I want to also share this with you. Once you become a brother and start to recruit other guys please remember to ask the deeper questions like ‘why did you select that major?’ You will see that the bond you have just created with that person you just met will be truly greater since you took an interest in him. This is exactly what I did with you."

A few weeks later I was invited to a chapter meeting of this same chapter as the President wanted me to discuss the importance of paying dues on time. While I was there, I asked if I could speak about this story and the positive recruiting impact it could have. I was granted that time and then asked this same person who now is a brother if he minded if I do a reenactment with him since his story is quite personal. He obliged and we did EXACTLY what we did the first day that I met him. The guys in the chapter were equally as moved as I was during the first time I met him. However, this time the President asked everyone in the room if they knew this about this new brother. Only two hands went up and one was mine. That is when I knew for sure that your message got through to this entire chapter.

So why this long email? Well there are two reasons….

1. First and foremost is a well deserved note of appreciation from me to you. It goes to show you that you really can ‘teach an old dog new tricks.’ I am truly grateful for going against my prejudice about ‘guest speakers’ and staying for your presentation. It was truly something that I will never forget.

2. The second reason is to show you that once you finished your presentation on July 3, 2014 that the impact and repercussions of it still are in full effect at least with me.

With true fraternal regards,
--Mark Scher
Phi Kappa Tau
Delta Psi 85’
Rider University - NJ
C: 267.968.3333

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