Success Story - Phi Sigma Kappa Illinois Coached to Success

"To say that Phired Up has been an incredible partner would be a massive understatement. For the first time ever in our recruitment history, we’ve had a plan, we’ve had a directive, we’ve set goals, and we’ve been successful. In a little over 6 weeks, we’ve almost matched our numbers from ALL of last year. We assembled a list of over 500 names; that’s over SEVEN times last semester's names list."

Under the leadership of star recruiter Drew Curtis (who shared the quote above) and Phired Up coaching, Phi Sigma Kappa at the University of Illinois recruited 25 men using a values-based selection process. The chapter grew by 50% in one semester! 

Just one semester into a coaching partnership with Phired Up, Phi Sigma Kappa has developed an incredible recruitment system, and is already cultivating the next generation of recruiters. 

"The brilliant implementation of a values-based selection process has led to a new member class that is by far the highest quality we've seen in years. As a result, chapter events and sorority philanthropy events are better attended, our GPA is rising, and retention seems to be a non-issue."
Who's noticing? Everybody. 

"We’ve implemented new and effective recruitment ideas that have brought a fresh aspect that makes our Chapter very appealing to recruits. On multiple occasions I have had representatives from other fraternities ask me how we’ve been so successful.  Overall, working with Phired Up has been phenomenal; the results are simply unprecedented."

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