Success Story: Phired Up Exceeds Expectations for Sigma Phi Society

Chapel Hill, NC -- In Febuary, the Sigma Phi Society National Headquarters charged Phired Up Productions Expansion Specialists, Nick Gilly and Doug Sweeney with the task of recruiting a group of 10 men for a new chapter at UNC Chapel Hill.  In just 10 days at Chapel Hill, the team hand selected a core of 20 gentlemen to lay the foundation of this organization. About the project, Sigma Phi’s General Secretary Scott McCrae said, "Having been familiar with the principles of Dynamic Recruitment and using Phired Up’s teaching materials at our National undergraduate workshops, it was interesting watching Phired Up’s representatives put these principles to work at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  I think the combination of Sigma Phi Society’s rich history and the diligence and professionalism employed by Phired Up’s representatives yielded results which far exceeded our collective expectations.  We will use this experience as a way to illustrate how effective their techniques are for finding and recruiting quality men.  I sincerely hope this success story will prompt our undergraduates to employ these techniques in their future efforts.  Our collective hats are off to Phired Up for revitalizing our youngest chapter with 20 new recruits."

The Phired Up team asked men to bear the legacy of being founding fathers of Sigma Phi.  This was a rare opportunity for undergraduates since Sigma Phi has not expanded in over 50 years.  To fulfill this special task, Phired Up ramped up dynamic recruitment to a whole new level. 

“A majority of these men have full academic scholarships.  The founders hail from 8 different countries on 6 different continents. The remarkable part was getting these men in a room together and asking “what if?” We were prepared to facilitate a conversation about how this group of men could build an excellent chapter, but soon realized that we are dealing with a different caliber of men.  They don’t need to be facilitated; they dove right into it themselves.  Sigma Phi has given this diverse group of individuals a wonderful opportunity to significantly impact Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Nick and I are just happy to have connected these men together,” stated Doug Sweeney.

Nick Gilly said of the project, “I am excited to see what this group is going to do at UNC and in the community.  These men are some top young leaders at UNC.  The ideas discussed, and the undergraduates’ ability to immediately form real plans around those ideas in the group’s first week in existence was impressive and fun to watch.”

This colonization marks the 10th active chapter in the US for Sigma Phi. Phired Up recognizes Scott McCrae for committing to increase the quantity of high quality members and chapters in his society.  We look forward to continuing Phired Up’s partnership with Sigma Phi Society.

The Sigma Phi Society was founded at Union College in Schenectady, New York, on March, 4, 1827. Sigma Phi is the second member of the Union Triad, and according to its website, is the oldest social fraternity in continuous national existence.

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