Success Story: RMU Phi Sigma Kappa

Josh Orendi received this E-mail recently.

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 11:27 AM, Zachary Storf wrote:

Not sure if you'll remember who I am, but my name is Zach Storf and back in August you spoke at the Phi Sigma Kappa leadership school in Indianapolis. This past Sunday my chapter at Robert Morris University, a university with generally small enrollment and greek community, initiated 12 new members. That may sound like a small number but that is an 80% increase in membership from the beginning of this semester. It would be a travesty if I did not personally thank the man that opened my eyes as recruitment chairman to the possibilities of dynamic recruitment. I can assure you that the success does not stop here I have two semesters left here at RMU and I plan to knocking those numbers out of the park!

No need to respond, but if you do I look forward to it.


Zach Storf
Recruitment Chairman
Phi Sigma Kapppa

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