Success Story: SAE BGSU

Matt Mattson recently received this facebook correspondence from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon group at Bowling Green State University... Chris Phillip

Chris Phillip:  Hey Matt I just wanted to tell you. I'm a member of SAE at BGSU and this semester I used your free resources exclusivly in combo with your book. And my chapter doubled in 3 weeks. We where on the fence and now we are getting calls from other IFC chapters asking how we did it. Thank you, your programe kept my chaptatt Mattson

Matt Mattson: Chris, that's fantastic news! Can you give me some more details (#'s where you started, where you are now, what some of the most successful tactics were, etc.) so I can share that as a success story on our website?

You can message me on Fbook or E-mail me at

Chris Phillip: We went from 8 (scary number right) to 15 in 3 weeks. We plan on getting a total of 7 more this semester! Hopefully we will end up at 22 in 15 weeks. We followed a simple plan. Name driving events, small activities and then bids. We had awesome results and it's true, quantity drives quality. After we got 3 guys who meet out standards they recruited the rest. The only hard part was not letting in the guys who where, 'Solid Guys' and nothing more. I got to say, being recruitment chair for two and a half years, this has been the easiest recruitment season yet, and I did the least amount of work to date. Phired Up recruitment works as long as you care enough about your fraternity to do it.

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