Success Story - Sigma Pi Arkansas Tech

From: Drake Brainerd [] 

Sent: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 9:21 AM
To: Matt Mattson
Subject: Recruitment Success for Sigma Pi Fraternity


My name is Drake Brainerd, Vice President of Sigma Pi Fraternity at Arkansas Tech University and VP of Recruitment for IFC.  I have talked to you in the past about recruitment and been to countless conferences that you and Josh have talked at.  

In the fall of 2012 my fraternity only got 5 new members.  After Josh came to Tech in the spring of 2013 and talked about Phired Up recruitment it set off a fire in my fraternity's eyes to do better that we had ever before.  This fall we put to practice most if not all of Phired Up's teaching, all the way down to the importance of the handshake. We kicked off the semester with a sock drive, an idea from you guys, and it gave us a lot of names.  We were told by you guys that our names list should be approximately 4 times the size of our chapter (23 men).  We had over 250 names on our list in 2 short weeks of school, and because of this Phired Up recruiting we doubled the size of our chapter with a pledge class of 25 men.  Everyone knows Sigma Pi at AR Tech and guys keep contacting us every week asking what they need to do to join.  Sigma Pi Fraternity at Arkansas Tech would like to thank you for everything you teach and want you to know that our recruitment strategy is only beginning to flourish.  We now know that "quantity can also mean quality."  

Thanks again,
Drake Brainerd

VP of Sigma Pi Fraternity, Intl
VP of Recruitment for IFC

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