Success Story: Sigma Rho Michigan Tech (Lead alum says, "Best money we've ever spent.")

The Sigma Rho Chapter at Michigan Tech is 125 years old.  As a local fraternity with a mining history, the legacy of this group is deeply embedded in the college community located in Houghton, Michigan. The chapter's alumni came to Phired Up over a year ago and asked us to help them renew their legacy of greatness by instilling a culture of recruitment excellence.

Since our partnership began, the chapter has gone through a reorganization that resulted in a self-selected small group of extremely high-caliber men.  Their numbers were small (a handful), but their QUALITY was excellent.  That decision paid off as that core group of young leaders started implementing Dynamic Recruitment techniques over the past 12 months, under the tutelage of a Phired Up recruitment coach.  During the late Spring of 2012 they pushed hard to build an initial new member class.  Then again this fall, they challenged themselves, focused on results-producing behaviors, and DOUBLED THE SIZE OF THEIR GROUP again! This chapter is a success story that keeps building on itself.

Recently, the lead alumnus sent an E-mail to the Phired Up team that included this line, "This may be the best money we ever spent as an organization! Bravo Josh and Matt 100% satisfied customer. In the words of Arnold Shwartzenager, 'I’ll be back!'"

Matt Mattson, the chapter's primary Phired Up coach and the co-founder of the company said of the group, "First of all, I've never met a more intelligent, focused, brilliant group of students -- and they all happen to be brothers of Sigma Rho.  The results speak for themselves -- if a small group of academically-focused engineers can double the size of their group in a few weeks (simply because they chose to do results-producing Dynamic Recruitment work), everyone can.  The system works if you work the system, and these guys are doing just that."  Mattson added, "I'm honestly honored to be associated with these young men and the alumni who advise them. They care about the right stuff, they're kind, they're friendly, and they represent what fraternity should be."

The picture above was taken by Mattson during a "small activity" the chapter threw together. He explained, "They had about 25 people show up to a last minute bowling night on campus because they kept a well-organized names list, they made some phone calls, they have been building relationships with non-Greek men consistently throughout the year, and when they offered a personal invitation to come hang out, people showed up. This happened EVERY TIME I VISITED THIS SEMESTER!"

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