Success Story Sigma Tau Gamma Gets 74 at Oklahoma State

Woody Woodcock and the Phired Up team has proudly coached and supported the Sigma Tau Gamma expansion staff to become one of the top performing recruitment teams in the nation. Sigma Tau Gamma is now regularly initiating large high quality brand new chapters that are changing the landscape of fraternal communities around the country.

Paul Manly, Phired Up's newest staff member, was brought to the forefront of fraternity growth through the ranks of the Sigma Tau Gamma team, and on his last project for the Sig Tau staff, he and his expansion partner Derek Kaimann hit another home run.

Woody said about Paul and Derek after the wildly successful completion of the Oklahoma State project, "As a coach who remembers the young players when they first came on the team I am in awe! One of my favorite memories of Derek and Paul was having them outside in the hot Missouri Sun practicing interest presentations and sorority presentations over and over again.  I wasn't satisfied with the effort and execution so I got on them a little bit.  I think they were unhappy with Michael Smoll and I at the time for pushing on them so hard.  They both still remember that training session and use it as motivation. The results speak for themselves."

Last fall, Paul and Derek utilized Dynamic Recruitment and Social Excellence strategies to successfully start a 73 man group at Alabama and a 63 man group at Auburn. Those performances built on previous successes at UNC-Charlotte, Purdue, and Illinois. They've focused on optimizing their time by tracking behaviors and performance on a detailed calendar and Names List. They've found success through a full commitment to the Dynamic Recruitment system and the process taught and coached by Woodcock. 

The question remained: could they repeat the success? On their final project for Sigma Tau Gamma they broke their national record with 74 men recruited and initiated at Oklahoma State.  This is the fourth time they have broken their own record in the past two years.  Read all about the success here.

We asked Paul about how coaching support helped him develop into such a top performing professional, and here's what he said, "A good coach is one who connects on a professional and personal level. All great coach-athlete relationships are also personal friendships. Coaching provided by Woody Woodcock and Phired Up developed my recruitment skills and equipped me with expansion best practices, but also showed me how to take ownership of methods and projects."

He continued, "With Phired Up coaching, I was able to successfully expand Sigma Tau Gamma eight fantastic host institutions in two years: UNC Charlotte, Florida Tech, Auburn, Carnegie Mellon, Oklahoma State, and the three largest Greek life communities in the country, Alabama, Illinois and Purdue. The system my expansion team was coached under yielded over 50 members per project."

Here's a picture of the record-breaking Oklahoma State group, below. We're proud to have Paul on our team and to continue our strong partnership with Sigma Tau Gamma!

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