Testimonial: UConn Pi Kappa Alpha Member

Josh Orendi recently received this E-mail from a past participant in a Phired Up Dynamic Recruitment program...

From: Nicholas Bubaris
Date: Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 4:54 PM
To: Josh@phiredup.com

Hey there Josh,

My name is Nick Bubaris. I'm a Sophomore at Uconn and a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha. I just finished pledging this past semester and as a newly initiated Brother I was proudly appointed Recruitment Chairmen. I shook your hand after your lecture on recruitment and asked f it was cool if I took all your flyers off the wall. These little ideas have already gotten me 150 names in four days. I know your a busy dude but I had to throw out a quick thank you for your time. I know people probably walk in and out of your lectures not using the tools you give but they're idiots cause it all works. Thanks again, I really appreciate everything.

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