Testimonial: ZTA Gets Phired Up

Sarah Schlein, a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha posted a terriffic article about her chapter's experience working with Jessica Gendron Williams recently.  ZTA engaged Phired Up Productions to deliver over a dozen chapter recruitment training programs this past semester with major success stories coming from all the chapters we worked with.  Sarah's article is a great example of the impact Jessica was able to make on ZTA chapters around the country this fall.
Excerpts from the article:

“'I thought it was going to be a boring recruitment workshop, but the things she talked about were actually life skills. It was really great,' Amy Wu, sophomore, said."

"The workshop was separated into three main parts. First Williams gave a background of the organization, its purpose and goals for education and general descriptions of the recruitment process. “Recruitment is like speed dating, then marriage at the end,” she claimed, her sarcasm and humor evident throughout the day. She jokingly likened sorority recruitment behaviors to that of a cult, providing examples of how silly some recruitment behaviors would be in real-life situations. “Think of what would happen if you and your significant decided to wear the same clothes, wait at the door for your dinner guests, chant and cheer for them as they entered and allowed them to eat without you. That’s not normal.”

Then she went into in-depth descriptions of each element of recruitment and how to be yourself when faced with meeting new people. “Just be normal,” she said. “People join [sororities] because of other people, not because of the organization. They grow a love for the organization over time, but come for you.” Finally, she led group activities to practice the skills learned. “I liked reconfirming what my ZTA sisterhood meant to me and learning how to explain that to other people,” Nicole Grabowski, sophomore, said. “I think is was also just a good bonding experience.” After this fun day of learning, ZTA is prepared and excited for its first formal recruitment next semester."

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