Testimonials Archive

Since 2002 Phired Up has collected success stories of fraternities and sororities experiencing dramatic growth after learning from our team. Read some of our older -- from 2010 and earlier -- (but still powerful) testimonials below:

Phired Up a "Game Changer" for Oklahoma Alpha Gams

Jessica Gendron Williams receives more gratitude from a sorority chapter (Alpha Gamma Delta at Oklahoma) that got results this semester!

From: "Tipton, Katy M." 
Date: October 5, 2010 12:57:31 PM CDT
To: Jessica Gendron Williams < Jessica@phiredup.com>

Hi Jessica, 

This year our chapter held a Phired Up workshop during our fall recruitment training. It was fun, interactive, and engaging. Jessica Gendron Williams was a blast to work with, and the day flew by. 

Because of the workshop, our girls had the skills and confidence to rush better than ever. On bid day, our chapter reached quota and nearly doubled in size. 

We are so grateful for Phired Up! It was truly a game-changer for Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta.

-Katy M. Tipton 

Delta Upsilon, Kent State Success Story

Woody Woodcock delivered a Dynamic Recruitment Workshop at a large Delta Upsilon leadership event this past year.  Just this week he received a message from one of the attendees...

Facebook Message from Brett Fodor September 28 at 5:49pm 


I first met you at Delta Upsilon's Winter Educational Conference last year for the Recruitment Symposium. I had seen Phired up once before, but you really engaged me and got me thinking of ways I could implement your strategies into my chapter. I was elected as V.P. of Recruitment this year, and we just recently pinned 27 associate members!. 

I know for you this may not sound like much, but this is by far the largest Fraternity class at Kent State in all my years of Greek Life, and most certainly since my chapter's reorganization. Kent State DU would simply not have the Recruitment tools needed for such a class of quality men if it weren't for you and your colleagues at Phired Up. You inspired me to be a "horse" and to recruit other horses. You inspired me to Screw countless potential new members. We no longer recruit with Spam, nor do we hand out bids to everyone that walks through the door. Our names list this semester was over 200 men on campus, which for our chapter is unheard of!. Quality is truly driving quantity now, and I will ensure that in my Vice President's manual the valuable information you instilled upon myself and my recruitment team will be passed on for generations of DU's at Kent State. I just wanted to let you know how much of a positive effect you have had on our organization and on Greek Life at Kent State in general. 

I can't think you enough for your efforts, and I hope to keep in touch with you in the future!

Interfraternally yours,

Brett Fodor

Penn State Fraternities: Increased Acceptance Rate and "Quality"

penn-state-logoAn article was published on September 22, 2010 in Penn State University's newspaper The Daily Collegian reporting an increase in bid acceptance this year.  Phired Up Productions is mentioned twice in the article.

Selected quotes:

"An alcohol-free rush policy isn’t the only thing that was different for the fall 2010 Interfraternity Council (IFC) recruitment season: There was also an increase in the bid acceptance rate."

"IFC executives and chapter presidents said the entire community has embraced the new recruitment philosophy — resulting in a better experience and quality recruits."

"New recruit strategies for the rush season included hiring the Phired Up agency, producing a recruitment booklet, instituting a dry event policy and raising the recruitment fee to $25."

"Because so many fraternity members were involved in the recruitment process and attended Phired Up sessions, the recruitment process ended with the acceptance of 'quality' members, Kutz said."

Josh Orendi, Phired Up's co-founder and CEO, spent two full days this fall (August 28 and 29) in State College teaching Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment System through chapter consultations and training sessions.

More Alpha Gamma Delta Recruitment Success

Alpha Gamma Delta has become an amazing partner with Phired Up Productions. Their commitment to consistent recruitment education over time and full organizational implementation of Dynamic Recruitment is getting results.  Here are two more recent success stories from Alpha Gam chapters around the country.  

Hey Jessica! 
I am sure you have heard by now but Upsilon Chapter at Oklahoma made quota plus 9 for a total of 71 new members!!! They had an amazing year and after not making quota for over 20 years, they have doubled their Chapter size. I am so proud of them and just wanted to say thanks for helping them with their confidence and conversations. They loved having you and I just wanted to say thank you for helping. Hope all is well! See you at Syracuse!!
Wendi Elizabeth Witek
Leadership Consultant
Alpha Gamma Delta
8701 Founders Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 828-553-4342"

Just received a text message from Kristina Lappin, RS for Theta Omicron, updating me on some great news.  This chapter, on a campus that has formal recruitment in January, just welcomed 9 new members through COR!  It's so early in the school year!!!
Here's a quote from the text that Kristina sent me (in response to my question, "How did they do it?"):
"I think it was Athens (referring to the Dynamic Recruitment workshop held at the Gamma Alpha house in June).  We sat down and came up with a whole plan for RTS and CORs.  They (the chapter members) went to Ashville and did random conversation with people, and identified the horses to go out and be friendly to PNMs.  It works!"
I'm sharing this with all of you with the hopes that these two things (conversation practice with strangers and identifying the "horses" in chapters to go meet PNMs) can make a difference in some of our chapters who struggle with/through COR.
Way to go, Kristina!  Way to go, Theta Omicron!!
Melissa Brown
Regional Recruitment Coordinator
Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity

Alpha Gamma Delta Recruitment Results Success Story

Jessica Gendron Williams recently delivered a Dynamic Recruitment Workshop for regional Alpha Gamma Delta Chapters in the midwest.  On September 13th, Jessica received this message via Facebook... 


I attended your recruitment workshop at William Jewel this summer, with AGD. The women present from our chapter (epsilon omega) were absolutely blown away by everything you taught us.

I wanted to be the first to tell you that today was our bid day. Quota was 35, and we got 41 girls. Only one other organization (there are 5 national sororities at Truman State, each 102 members strong) got 36. I am sure my recruitment director will be messaging you a thank you as well, but I hope you know how you have personally touched our chapter, and our lives. (:



Pi Kappa Phi Purdue Success 

Using Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment System and applying Social Excellence to their daily lives has lead the Purdue University Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi to a record breaking success! Here’s a message from Eric Allen, Recruitment Chairman of Pi Kappa Phi at Purdue University.

Phired Up,

The principles of dynamic recruitment learned from Phired Up’s seminar, put on by Purdue’s IFC, helped our chapter recruit 32 new members in our Fall ’09 class, the second largest associate member class in our 87 year history. The idea to focus our recruitment on relationship building, not just rush events, as well as the detailed names list to organize the relationships formed, is what led to our success.


Eric Allen
Recruitment Chairman

Purdue University Pi Kappa Phi


Delta Sigma Phi & Phired Up Partner for Expansion Success


Contact: Woody Woodcock, Director of Organizational Development



INDIANAPOLIS – Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity initiated more than twice as many men via new expansion projects this year than the year before through partnering with Phired Up.  The organization increased its cold-start expansion initiates by 128% in one year after hiring Phired Up Productions to coach its expansion staff.  After engaging Phired Up in a long-term partnership eleven months ago, Delta Sigma Phi has taken dramatic steps toward a culture of expansion excellence using Phired Up’s recruitment principles and coaching services.


“We asked Phired Up to challenge us and to get our team to deliver consistent expansion results.  They delivered,” said Paul Lawson, Assistant Executive Director of Delta Sigma Phi.  “I’m very proud of our expansion team this year, and our organization is grateful for Phired Up’s guidance and coaching.”


dspflagScott Wiley, Delta Sigma Phi's CEO is focused on the future, "We trust Phired Up's recruitment expertise, and we're seeing our team get real results through the application of that expertise. We're excited for even greater results next year."


Phired Up provided on-the-ground and distance coaching to the Delta Sigma Phi expansion team before and during each of their four major expansion projects this year “Our goal was to push Delta Sig’s expansion professionals to be the best versions of themselves, and to work with discipline, high expectations, and constant social excellence.  Their team was willing to learn and they had a truly remarkable year,” said Josh Orendi, Phired Up’s CEO. Phired Up has also assisted in the staffing process for next year's expansion professionals.


Doug Sweeney, one of Delta Sig's standout staffers this year said about the partnership, "Mix Delta Sigma Phi's raw recruitment talent with Phired Up's refined dynamic recruitment process and you have exploding results that turn heads. Phired Up teaches our staff how to blow up phone calls, meetings and bids that yield astronomical results. It's like being directed by Michael Bay."


Delta Sigma Phi started four brand new “cold-start” chapters this year at Colorado State University, Eastern Michigan University, Texas Tech University and Miami University (OH).  The expansion professionals utilized Phired Up’s Dynamic Recruitment system and deeply adopted the personal challenge to be socially excellent and generous in their work with students on campus. The results, especially when compared to previous year’s performances, speak for themselves.


Phired Up Productions is looking forward to continuing this long-term partnership with Delta Sigma Phi as it cultivates a true culture of expansion and recruitment excellence throughout its excellent organization.


#      #      # 

Lock Haven Phi Mu Delta Alumnus on Recent Expansion 


Phired Up Productions recently worked with the alumni and national headquarters of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity to start a chapter of fMD at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania.  More information will be shared via Phired Up news soon, but here is a quote from alumnus Eric Etkin:

The decision to work with Phired Up has been, quite simply amazing. We contracted with Phired Up to plan and implement the recruitment phase for re-establishing our chapter at Lock Haven University. The professionalism and sincerity of Woody Woodcock, Josh Orendi, Matt Geik and Leo Glass was what made this experience a huge success. Prior to beginning this project, there was some uncertainty as to whether we could be successful in recruiting the kind of men we felt best represented our organization. In fact, other organizations on campus told us those kind of men are not interested in joining a fraternity. Phired Up proved all of the nay-sayers wrong.

Phired Up was able to recruit a base of founding fathers for our chapter that was double the size of the average membership in other organizations. Our membership standards are high and Phired Up delived on their promise to recruit top-tier students. One aspect of the project that I think was especially unique, was the connection that Woody, Matt and Leo made with the undergraduate students. I have received numerous messages from undergraduates, both our new colony members as well as sorority members, saying how well Phired Up embodied what Greek life is all about. 

Our project would not have been successful if not for Phired up. They are a tremendous resource to the fraternity and sorority world.

IWU Year-Long Partnership Yields Results 

During the course of our year-long partnership with IWU and its IFC community, we’ve delivered three unique on-campus learning opportunities (with one more planned for this upcoming fall), along with an opportunity for individual chapters to invest in specialized service.  One chapter did invest in that extra level of service (“Chapter 4 Below”).  There was a clear differentiation between the three chapters that adopted that adopted the Phired Up Dynamic Recruitment philosophy and chose to execute it, versus those three that didn’t.   You’ll see that clearly in the table below.




Fall ‘08

Spring ‘09

Fall ‘09

Spring ’10 (likely #’s)

Change Over Yr.

Chapter 1






Chapter 2






Chapter 3






Chapter 4






Chapter 5






Chapter 6















’08-’09 Total






’09-’10 Total

101 (+19%)



According to this data, and despite only three chapters truly buying into a new way of doing business thus far AND a shift from formal rush to open recruitment, overall recruitment performance improved over the course of a year in the IWU IFC community by 19%.  The three chapters that truly adopted at least portions of the Dynamic Recruitment philosophy performed 58% better than they had the previous year.  Further, the three chapters that chose to execute Dynamic Recruitment are all on pace to reach their highest housing occupancy levels in recent memory, which was a major motivating factor for the partnership to begin with.


[Note: Two chapters that have thus far underperformed have indicated new levels of interest in executing Dynamic Recruitment. The Spring '10 numbers are for results to-date.]


Of course, this is short-term data and real results are measured over time.  Quick analysis, however, clearly shows that dramatic recruitment performance is possible for a chapter and a community, but the true variable that determines success is not whether information is transferred from Phired Up to a community/chapter, but whether the members choose to take action on that information.  Phired Up is very proud of this partnership.

Delta Sigma Phi Expansion Partnership Generating Amazing Results 

Phired Up Productions began a long-term partnership with Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity last summer to help their organization build a culture of EXPANSION EXCELLENCE.  Beginning with projects at Eastern Michigan and Colorado State, the Delta Sigma Phi expansion team has become a leader in the industry.  This is news just in from their current project at Texas Tech University -- a cold-start with no interest group in place.  Doug, P.J., and D.J. (their expansion team) have been doing incredible work.  Here's a message from Doug about their progress so far.


Doug Sweeney here.  When I joined Delta Sigma Phi's National Expansion Team 8 months ago, we partnered with Phired Up Productions to help us in our Expansion efforts.

On two campuses, I have helped recruit more than 90 men into Delta Sigma Phi thanks to their training.

DSP2.1010 days into our Texas Tech University Expansion, we held our first chapter meeting with men interested in creating a new fraternity on campus.  54 men came to our meeting.  70 were invited.  150 men sat down with us and had a conversation about what a new fraternity could look like.  300 men have been recommended to us by top leaders and organizations on campus.  And we are just getting warmed up.

Because it has only been 10 days.  
We are here for 30 more. 

We use the process Phired Up teaches.  
We speak their language.  
We live their lifestyle.

On that note I gotta go... can't meet people typing.

Doug Sweeney

Delta Sigma Phi Expansion Coordinator

I Heart Recruitment & Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

Phired Up Productions often delivers custom social excellence, recruitment, and/or organizational growth programming to culturally based fraternal organizations. We recently received this note from Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., and thought it was a powerful testimonial — but more importantly — Ms. Seoh has a powerful message about what values-based recruitment looks like and how it can work.'


deltaphilambda_logoHannah Seoh
National President
Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

Mission Statement: Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian awareness and empowers women leaders through its values-based programs and everlasting sisterhood.''

I first came across the book I Heart Recruitment in 2008.  Thinking that the book was written for Panhellenic Recruitment and also realizing that I (and most of my sisters) LOVE SPAM, it took a comfortable seat on the top shelf of my bookcase. After meeting Colleen, one of the authors, at the Western Region Greek Association Conference, I was touched by her bubbly nature and enthusiasm for the book’s premise of values-based recruitment and was hooked.  I felt compelled to read it.  After reading I Heart Recruitment, I realized that the ideas and principles that it discusses can be applied to any organization whether they are Panhellenic or culturally based.

I excitedly emailed my Executive Board some ideas taken from the book and several of them read it as well.  The idea of year long recruitment really struck a chord with us, and led us to reassess and revise our educational process and our recruitment policies.  

Wdple decided to implement a recruitment workshop for all of our chapters in the summer of 2009.  In it we explained what a values-based recruitment process looks like – that the idea of “if you build it they will come,” does not always work to your advantage.  Recruitment means that you identify the campus leaders that you want in your organization and actively recruit them to join.  Key factors to look for in a potential member should be aligned with our seven virtues. 

After implementation of the workshop we saw a 56% increase in our recruitment class from Spring 2009 to Fall 2009. 

Being a young organization that is run entirely on a volunteer basis we are constantly looking for ideas and ways to improve upon our policies without reinventing the wheel.  We are very grateful to Colleen and Jessica for having written this book and spreading their wealth of knowledge.  It has definitely been a valuable investment for us and we will continue to educate our chapters on the dynamic recruitment described in this book.

400% Growth The latest update from the Delta Phi Chapter at GVSU.  

From: Tanner Pike 
Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 5:45 PM
To: Matt Mattson
Subject: Thank You!


Hey Matt,

I just wanted to personally thank you and Josh for helping the Delta Phi chapter completely change. When we started implementing the Phired Up techniques in the Fall of 2008 we had a grand total of 17 active brothers. Utilizing the Phired Up strategies we have grown an astonishing 400% in the past two years and now boast 68 undergraduate members, as we took another 9 members for the Winter semester and are continuing with our 365 recruitment. This past weekend when I was at the Leadership Academy I had a countless amount of other chapters that were astonished at our success, and my simple answer to their question was Phired Up and to look at contacting you guys to set up a program to help generate sucess. To top our recruitment success off we were awarded the Cardinal and Stone Award for Excellence, which is given to the chapter that demonstrates passion, an unusually strong commitment to recruitment, and recruitment results. The award does not necessarily recognize the chapter who has recruited the most men, but rather aims to recognize the way in which men were recruited to join the Organization. It is safe to say if you had not hosted that recruitment retreat back in the summer of 2008, Delta Phi would not be where it is today.

Tanner Pike
Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity - Delta Phi Chapter
Grand Valley State University

We got an E-mail recently from a member of Delta Chi Fraternity’s expansion staff (professional fraternity recruiter).  


From: Justin Sherman {Delta Chi HQ}
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 11:18 AM
To: Matt@PhiredUp.com
Subject: Greetings!



Hope all is well with you! Just thought I’d share some information with you. Danny and I have been using your cold calling script on our current expansion. So far 100% of the men we have made contact with have set up a meeting with us. This has resulted in 30 meetings in two days. So if people need proof that the script works, here it is!

Thank you for the help at Florida State. It has made a tremendous difference at this expansion. My days are less stressful and far more productive.


Justin Sherman


Numbers don't lie: AGR+Phired Up=Results 


Four years ago, Alpha Gamma Rho made the decision to partner with Phired Up Productions to overhaul their spring Recruitment School conferences.  This meant departing from curriculum that was scripted and delivered by alumni and headquarters staff.  AGR trusted that Phired Up could offer fresh content, provide a more dynamic experience, and customize an action plan process that would work for their members. 
What is Recruitment School....
Recruitment leaders from every chapter are encouraged to attend the two day event in January or March, called Recruitment School.  Students and alumni advisors travel to Kansas City to begin programming on Friday and depart on Saturday.
The Change
The program time has been scaled back from two 8-12 hour days with 4" thick binders and corporate sales techniques. Recruitment School is now an enjoyable 12pm - 6pm Friday and 8am - 2pm Saturday with group meals/brotherhood shared at the end of each day.  The curriculum takes 1/2 the time as just a few years ago.  Travel costs have gone down and the shortened experience has helped attendance increase each year.  
Recruitment School is now a high energy experience that most attendees report looking forward to. The new format incorporates 10-20 alumni per session.  The undergraduate evaluations confirm that students want to be engaged with alumni members.  More personal attention by these alumni has lead to better follow up and follow through on each chapter's action plans.
The Phired Up staff rewrites the curriculum each year.  Phired Up ensures that AGR members receive only cutting edge recruitment content relevant to their organization. Phired Up also commits that a recruitment expert from their professional staff will be on site delivering the 2 day undergraduate training as well as a bonus session to train alumni volunteers.  
The curriculum is becoming increasingly experiential to put participants into recruitment-ready situations.  New technology solutions and standardized best practices are introduced each year to establish a system of Dynamic Recruitment within the organization.  Professionally published materials are provided by Phired Up, used throughout the training, and become powerful takeaways for participants.
The Results
Read below the data from an email shared by Josh Wackler, Chief Recruitment Officer for AGR, with Josh Orendi, Phired Up's CEO:

Here are the numbers for Recruitment School last year [2009]:
33 chapters attending for a total of 527 initiates, averaging 15.969 initiates per chapter for the year
36 chapters not attending for a total of 461 initiates, averaging 12.805 initiates per chapter for the year
Those 33 who attended increased as a whole by 35 initiates, averaging a 1.06 initiate per chapter increase compared to the year prior
Those 36 not attending decreased as a whole by 54, averaging a 1.5 initiate per chapter decrease compared to the year prior

Attendance is up 30% since the partnership started. We're bursting at the seams!  


Woody Earns Accolades for Presentation 

On Saturday, January 29th, 2010 Woody Woodcock delivered a customized Dynamic Recruitment Workshop for Delta Upsilon Fraternity.  Phired Up received this message from a Delta Upsilon staff member.

From: Gordon Bothun 

Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 5:42 PM
To: Matt Mattson; Josh Orendi
Subject: Delta Upsilon's Recruitment Symposium

 Matt and Josh,


 I hope you’re both doing well.  I just wanted to send you an e-mail about Woody and the work he did at our Recruitment Symposium this past weekend.


 In my Delta Upsilon career, I’ve seen Phired Up’s presentations nearly a dozen times, and each time I’ve come to expect a great message that not only resonates with me, but the undergraduate members.  Knowing that Woody is newer to the organization, I was not sure exactly what to expect, but assumed that it would be the same great message I’ve always heard.  I have to admit, I was really impressed by Woody.  His passion for the message, inter-personal communication, and Social Excellence are laudable and paralleled only to his ability to genuinely connect with others.  He was able to take Phired Up’s message and make it his own; he was authentic and articulate.  I know he made a definite impact on our organization’s members and what he taught them will make a significant impact on how they work. 


 Aside from that, I think what impressed me most was his genuine passion to work with undergraduates.  Even after he was done with his presentation, and the students were working on their action plans (as part of our facilitator-lead curriculum); he still went around the room to work with individual students, answer their questions and work to refine his message to help them “get it.”  From my one-day encounter with him, I cannot say enough about his abilities and work ethic.  Thank you again for sending him to work with our students.


 Good luck with the rest of the semester.    




 Gordon Bothun

Chapter Development Coordinator

UNH Fraternity - Record Setting Recruitment Results 


Josh Orendi received this message over Facebook... This is the Alpha Sigma Phi chapter at University of New Hampshire. They've seen Phired Up's programming on a couple of different occassions. 


Benjamin Dubuc January 12 at 2:27pm

We set the unh record for a pledge class of 23 this past semester and not a single one of them do I regret. 23 amazing kids. I just thought I would give credit where it is due. I saw my brothers using your techniques, even when they didn't realize it. Thank you

Pi Beta Phi Coaching Success Story PBPLogoColor

In September 2009, Jessica Gendron Williams began working with the women of Pi Beta Phi at Butler University as one of Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment M.D. chapters.  At the beginning, this group was the smallest sorority on campus, by close to half, and hadn't met quota during formal recruitment in 10 years.  Over the course of the last semester Jessica has been delivering Dynamic Recruitment, M.D. services to the chapter to help them achieve their full potential.
"I'm so proud of these women," said Gendron Williams. "This past week was formal recruitment and they got quota for the first time in over a decade, but on top of that they took quota additions! They're now OVER TOTAL and they did it by being laser-focused on connecting with each woman that walked through the door.  They built personal relationships instead of trying to 'sell' the sorority and they're an incredible example of how people join people, not organizations."
Jessica went on to explain that in the past the chapter had been too worried about talking about how "awesome the sorority is," in her words.  By making every woman that walked through the door feel like the most important person in the world and building relationships with them-- every single round of recruitment -- they dramatically exceeded their past performance.
"We've spent an entire semester building up the levels of confidence and social excellence within these women, and as a result they absolutely shined this week," said Gendron Williams.

39% More GVSU Greeks Following Phired Up Partnership

Article submitted by GVSU Greek Life undergraduate staff member, Branden Stewart

Recruitment is booming at GVSU, in large part to the partnership with Phired Up Productions that has been in place since Fall 2008. Jessica Gendron visited campus in November 2008 with our Panhellenic women, and a daylong workshop was held with Matt in March this year for the IFC gentlemen.  With Phired Up strategies and ideas being present on campus for almost a year, we are proud to be showing significant results!


Panhellenic Recruitment during the Fall 2008 semester yielded about 150 women accepting bids to join six sororities, and a quota of 25.  After recruitment last fall, GVSU also added a new sorority, Phi Mu, which initiated 72 women in December.  Even with the added sorority this year, quota remained at 25, and 191 women accepted bids to join our seven Panhellenic sororities!  The addition of Phi Mu only fueled our women’s recruitment process, and with expansion presentations happening in November for another new sorority to colonize next Fall, we can’t wait to see next year’s results. 


In addition to our Panhellenic success, our IFC community is also celebrating their largest recruitment class ever, with 85 new members taken amongst our six IFC fraternities.  In addition to increased numbers, fraternities have also enhanced their skills and strategies by abandoning static recruitment, and embracing the idea of 365 day recruitment.  The IFC community is also excited to have recently welcomed Delta Upsilon to campus, and recently celebrated Alpha Tau Omega’s chartering with 54 members in September.


Overall, Greek Life at Grand Valley is at its peak.  In the fall of 2007, there were 590 members in the community.  As of today, 965 Greek students represent service, character, leadership, scholarship, and friendship on campus every day.  Thanks go out to Jessica and Matt for Phiring Up Grand Valley Recruitment!

Phi Mu Delta Grows 44% Nationally; Thanks Phired Up 


This message was recently on the home page of The National Fraternity of Phi Mu Delta.

"Phi Mu Delta saw a 44% increase in the number of men pledged to join Phi Mu Delta this fall! Great work gentlemen and special thanks goes to Phired Up! Productions and Josh Orendi."

Phired Up wants to thank Phi Mu Delta for their partnership.  Josh Orendi had this to say:

"Tom Murphy deserves a lot of credit for PMD's success. I can't think of another Executive Director that is more passionate or puts in more time doing hands-on development work with his chapters. You inspire us, Tom. - Josh"

Mizzou Delta Chi Grows 400% 


A message received by Matt Mattson...

-----Original Message-----
From: Hansen, Tyler J (MU-Student)
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 8:00 AM
To: Matt@PhiredUp.com
Subject: Missouri Chapter Growth


Dear Phired Up,


One year and two months ago, my chapter was in dire straits. We had fallen in numbers, the chapter was top heavy with upperclassmen, and no one knew how to grow the chapter with quality men.


That August we voted to give it one last shot. Then we found PhiredUp.com. With your Dynamic Recruitment programming, we were able to grow our chapter from 9 Members in August 2008 to 36 in October, 2009, and the best part is they are all quality men. And we're not done yet! We still have plans for and interest for a second class this semester.


Thanks so much for all your help and programming. There is no doubt in my mind that without Phired Up, our chapter would not be where we are today.


Thanks again,

Tyler Hansen
Missouri Chapter
Delta Chi Fraternity

Alpha Chi Rho Success at Valpo

A message received by Josh Orendi...

From: Phillip Rehani
Date: Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 10:00 PM
Subject: Update
To: Josh Orendi < josh@phiredup.com>

Hey Josh!

Just wanted to give you a little update of our rush situation.  The guys took recruitment into their hands and worked hard throughout the summer and the beginning of this school year. I am proud of what they accomplished with your help. Right now they have 14 bids signed in their hands and are waiting on 4 or 5 more. This is terrific when we have an entire house of 20 guys. This is the first time we have had two consecutive large fall rush classes and we owe it to you.



Delta Chi Growing: Messages of Success from Facebook

Phired Up Productions has built an incredible partnership with Delta Chi fraternity over the past several years, and this fall has seen a flurry of messages about their organization's overall success. Below are a few notes that Phired Up has received from Delta Chi representatives over Facebook.

Sebastian Alejandro Estades [UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA DELTA CHI] Just thought you should know that your Phired up session at DX RLC helped us recruit the biggest pledge class we ever have (41 associate members) and we are now over 100 members! I believe we also have the largest pledge class at Florida.

Marquez Brown [REGENT FOR DELTA CHI] The men of Ferris State Delta Chi are dominating with recruitment. I divided up all my chapters with my vice regents and we are making them show us their names list, getting on them and using all the Phired Up terminology in Region VI. We have all become ..."recruitment coaches" for 4 chapters each. Some chapters believe in Dynamic Recruitment and their efforts show that. Ferris State just went from 18 men to 36..and have 2 more events this week. You saw what Bowling Green did. The VP at Ferris State told me tonight "our members were so pumped and our mules became horses".......I'm incredibly excited.

Marquez Brown [REGENT FOR DELTA CHI] Today has been an incredible day. I continue to get good news from chapters about recruitment. I know it doesn't mean much until it's in the CMR, but I've told them all to document it. Central Michigan just called me and told me that after having 2 weeks of recruitment events they gave out 23 bids and 21 were accepted. They are using the Phired Up terminology...claimed it was easy for them. Last year their goal was to recruit 10 in the fall...this year it was 15 and they have 21. I told them to keep going. They have just went from a 38 man group to 59. Now that is dynamic recruitment.

I Heart Recruitment Saves Chapter from Closure

"I just wanted to thank you and the Phired Up and I Heart Recruitment Teams for creating this wonderful philosophy; it is, literally, what saved my chapter from closure."

From: Morgan Fishburn
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 15:56:43 -0400
To: < jessica@PhiredUp.com>
Subject: Tri Sigma Story

Hi Jessica!

My name is Morgan Fishburn and I am a Regional Consultant for Tri Sigma, from the Epsilon Omicron chapter at Illinois State University. I was at your workshop at the Alpha Chi Omega Headquarters on Thursday and came up and talked to you afterwards about my success story with Phired Up and I Heart Recruitment. Here is the story:

A year ago, I was entering into my senior year of college and my chapter was told by NHQ that by Jan 1, 2009, we needed to have 50 members or our chapter could face closure. At that time, we had 15 members: 13 initiated, 2 hold over new members. However, one of our initiated members was President of Panhellenic, therefore, could not recruit. About 2 weeks later, we were told that our house had been sold to another fraternity chapter on campus. It was basically one blow after the next. We were at a huge disadvantage because every Panhellenic sorority on our campus had housing and were at, near, or above total, which was 85 on our campus. We were clearly the underdogs.

Our recruitment advisor attended Phired Up training that summer and came to the Recruitment Director and me (I was on the recruitment team) and told us that we were getting on board the Phired Up train. We embraced the philosophy. We only chose to participate in the Welcome Rounds of Formal Recruitment because with our numbers being as low as they were and not having a house, we simply couldn't compete. We adopted the 365 Recruitment Plan, and were going to obtain all of our new women through COR. It was around this time that our current recruitment director began having trouble in school and couldn't perform her duties as Recruitment Director, so I unofficially stepped up. We held over 10 COR events in the fall semester alone. By the end of the semester, we had 48 members total. Though we didn't make our exact number goal, we were confident that our improvement would be recognized by our National Organization.

During Christmas break, grades were released, and we found out that 9 of our new members did not make gpa, therefore, they could not be recognized toward our total number. A week after that, I received word that the Recruitment Director did not make grades either, and that I was to be formally appointed into the position. Our National Organization gave us until Feb 1 to get to 50 women that had gpa.

By Feb 1, we had 47 women with gpa. Our National Organization was impressed with our progress and awarded us with accredidation for the first time ever. We continued to recruit throughout the spring semester, and when I graduated, we had 57 members, with 7 graduating, which left us with exactly 50 members. My chapter is now in a place that they can compete with the other sororities on campus, and they are beginning the process toward looking for a house in the fall.

I just wanted to thank you and the Phired Up and I Heart Recruitment Teams for creating this wonderful philosophy; it is, literally, what saved my chapter from closure. I consider this recruitment story to be my proudest accomplishment as a collegian, and am always willing to share my story! If you all come into contact with any chapter that needs a little morale boost, I would be happy to send them our story.

Thank you so much for speaking at the workshop on Thursday! It was so great to get some additional tips that I can pass along to my chapters!


Morgan Fishburn

Morgan Fishburn
Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Thanks Phired Up for sharing some of your success secrets with the Greek community

From: Ian Lowe
Date: Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 12:49 AM
Subject: Responding to Questions
To: Info@phiredup.com


My name is Ian Lowe and I serve as Director of Expansion for Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. I got to see Matt and Josh present at an Association of Fraternity Advisors conference in December of 2008. I tried out some of their resources with the undergraduate groups I advised that spring and found their materials and strategies to be quite useful. I then purchased their book "Good Guys" to learn more about their strategies. It was a very enjoyable and worthwhile read. I enjoy learning new ideas and strategies and so I recently purchased "The Names Game" in order to keep learning and expanding my knowledge base. I look forward to reading through it soon. Thanks Phired-Up for sharing some of your success secrets with the Greek community.


Ian Lowe
Director of Expansion
Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity 

Delta Chi at Cal State Fullerton grows from 17 to 64 using Dynamic Recruitment

Phired Up recently received this E-mail from the advisor of the Delta Chi chapter at Cal State Fullerton.

From: David Jacobson
Date: Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 2:32 PM
Subject: Delta Chi @ Cal State Fullerton
To: Josh Orendi


Delta Chi at Cal State Fullerton started the year off with a roster of 17 guys, but in actuality, only had 12 men who attended meetings and participated in events; truly the "horses" of the chapter.  After a summer of Phired Up 101 along with their conclave and a Phired Up seminar on campus hosted by Matt, the men EXPLODED into recruitment machines.

This past fall, led by, then chapter president, Gus Nuño, and Dario Coralic, fall recruitment chairman, the men did not let anything hold them back from achieving their goal of recruiting 20-25 initiates.  They went on to sign 33 new members of whom 24 were initiated.  That one semester reinvigorated the chapter with a renewed sense of confidence...and it showed in the amount of attention they were getting from men who were interested in going greek, and even the top sorority on campus, one that had not said a word to them in roughly 3 years.

Spring recruitment has recently come and gone,  but the confidence and positive atmosphere that was rebirthed in the fall is still very apparent and stronger than ever.  Unfortunately though, the spring rush stereotype (always smaller than fall rush) still proved itself to be true.  Led by new chapter president, Kevin Kuhia, recruitment chairman, Javier Mariscol, and the new vice-president, Dario Coralic, the men were only able to sign...29 new members!  The men DOMINATED spring rush, and in a two-week period of time, disproved the stereotype of spring rush by nearly doubling during the supposed "smaller than fall" semester.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to me is the incredible change in attitude and character in Javier Mariscol, spring recruitment chairman.  I had my doubts about him at the start of the year.  In record time, he has turned into a focused, serious, PROFESSIONAL young man.  It is clearly reflected in how he carries himself when he's conducting recruitment workshops and discussing chapter business.  He'll be the first to tell you that he doesn't deserve the credit for spring recruitment because everyone participated, but it was him who rallied the troops together and put the puzzle pieces in place to make this past spring recruitment the success that it was.  I think it's safe to say that "we've created a monster" in Javier.  He continues to impress every day  and every time I see him.  He's clearly a future leader in the chapter.

The chapter is now 64 members (includes newly signed members).

Again, thank you so much.

Interfraternally yours,

Davey Jacobson

Accolade from Penn State

Phired Up Productions recently received this E-mail following a Dynamic Recruitment Training for the Penn State University Fraternity/Sorority community.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Grant Miller
Date: Nov 16, 2007 8:11 PM
Subject: Phired Up Feedback
To: Josh@phiredup.com

Hi Josh,

I'm not sure if you remember me, my name is Grant Miller and I am the IFC President at Penn State (you told me that I'm an ego-maniac on several occasions... ring a bell?).

Anyway, you met with my fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon about recruitment and we worked with your values-based selection system, small activities and ended up pulling in a 12 man new member class!  This will increase our membership by 100% and we've continued working with our list to get some more great guys next semester (we're hoping to get 15 next time). 

I wanted to thank you very much for helping us, and while 12 isn't a HUGE number, I think it was all we could handle right now to make sure they are all properly educated.  Once they are on board, we can hopefully continue increasing our membership size with bigger new member classes.

Just wanted to let you know that you made a difference and had a huge impact on our chapter.

Thanks again!


Grant Miller

Interfraternity Council President

Philanthropy Chair
Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Entertainment Captain
IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon 2007

Schreyer Scholar, Penn State Class of 2008

Sorority Extension Benefits from Dynamic Recruitment

Phired Up Productions recently received this message...

Thanks phired up!!!  I am a National Vice President of Extension for a smaller NPC group.  When I first picked up "I Heart Recruitment" I thought it would be a great tool to give to our colonies as a recruitment resource.  Once I read it I was inspired to try using these strategies for something completely different. Extension/Expansion is historically an area in need of improvment for our group.  While we have been continuing to grow at a steady pace we were struggling to get selected at colleges and universities that numerous groups were presenting at.  So I figured why not try something different.

I choose to use several (some what modified) steps from the 8 steps and found that it was what made the world of difference.  I am happy to report that the last two universities that I used this method with selected our group over others that presented on their campuses.

ZBT Colony Doubles in Size

Phired Up Productions recently received an E-mail from a leader of the Central Florida colony of Zeta Beta Tau.  Here it is:

Hi Josh,

I wanted to give you an update on some information on our chapter. I demonstrated some of the techniques you showed me at Zeta Beta Tau National Convention this past summer to many of our brothers. Thanks to your help, the Beta Tau Colony of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity at the University of Central Florida has effectively doubled in membership size from 20 members to over 40. I personally wanted to thank you for helping make this possible.

Thanks again for all your help.

Brandon Goldberg
Beta Tau Colony - UCF
Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity

DePaul Skulls Chapter More than Triples in Size

Phired Up's President, Matt Mattson, received this message over Facebook from a member at the DePaul University chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma in Chicago, Illinois.

Hey Matt,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help back in the Spring. We used what you gave us for recruitment advice and went from a chapter with 7 active brothers to now 7 active brothers with 17 new pledges. We plan on doing it again this year in our winter quarter and try to grow past 30 members. Thanks again

Ken Kulas
Phi Kappa Sigma
Delta Tau Chapter

Dynamic Recruitment saved our chapter

A great success story from the Theta Chi chapter at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We set a recruitment record last Spring, but this Fall has been unbelievable. We managed to get 13 new members with an active chapter of only 20. From talking to our alumni, it sounds like we'd have to go back to the 1950s to find classes of this size at our school. The dynamic recruitment model has saved our chapter, and made us one of the most powerful and respected organizations on our campus. Thank you.

SIU Fraternities Up 50%

The number of new members joining the Southern Illinois University - Carbondale fraternity community is the largest in 12 years. 

A quote from Andy Morgan, Coordinator of Greek Life at SIUC, found in the campus newspaper reads...

Morgan said the IFC has focused more on one-on-one time with the possible pledges and that in April 2007 they sponsored an event called "Phired Up" to help the members learn the importance of personal recruitment.

"It's just making a friend, and then asking that friend, 'Hey, do you want to join?'" Morgan said.

The number of new members joining this fall was up 50% when compared to 2007 numbers.

Matt Mattson, President of Phired Up Productions, visited the SIUC fraternity community in 2007 and delivered a Dynamic Recruitment Workshop.

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