Testimonials: "Rave Reviews" for Social Excellence

Our SOCIAL EXCELLENCE program has been delivered at hundreds of campuses and conferences across North America.  College students rave about the program. Below is a video sneak peak followed by a collection of the reviews we've received over the past couple of years. Thanks for supporting this life changing program



“Great content! Loved the tangibles and challenge presented to the students. Best presentation I attended during the entire conference.”

“Jessica & her Phired Up Sessions!  She was enthusiastic and transformational I would love to see her again!”

“Awesome speaker and got us all Phired Up! Liked it so much I went straight to his hot topic session after and learned even more! Great speaker and message and kept the whole audience engaged and participating!”

“His passion for the message, inter-personal communication, and Social Excellence are laudable and paralleled only to his ability to genuinely connect with others.  He was able to take Phired Up’s message and make it his own; he was authentic and articulate.  I know he made a definite impact on our organization’s members and what he taught them will make a significant impact on how they work.” 

“They are fantastic.  I am obsessed with their energy.  They are contagious.”

“Getting the guys up out of their chairs and meeting the persons around them was brilliant!”

“Amazing! She kept the audience engaged and laughing, had some great points which were conveyed in an easy manner, very knowledgeable.”

“Very effective, good use of humor, related well to students.”

“I was moved... You did an absolutely fantastic job.  Your messages on Social Excellence and Vulnerability were huge take-aways for me.  You have an undeniable passion that rubs off on your audience.”

"They were so energetic and hilarious! They made us get involved and it literally got me 'phired up'!"

"They made sure everything was able to be used in everyday life for jobs and school, not just recruitment and sororities."

"I wish I had their humor."

"Jessica and KJ, you both have impacted all of us to feel more confident, sociable, authentic, and personable with our communication skills."

"You women are truly gifted at what you do and are great role models to us."

"What Phired Up Productions is doing is an awesome thing.

“Best session I attended, relatable, great tips/information, presenters were fully engaged and excited to be there.”

“Again, Phired Up was my highlight of the conference.  Changed my outlook on life.”

“It was a high energy entertaining discussion.  Matt facilitated interaction between people more than he lectured about it. I left the discussion motivated to get to know new people.”

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