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From: Haley G.>
Date: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 5:45 PM
Subject: Just a Thank-You :)
To: KJ McNamara

Hi KJ,

So I contemplated waiting until after recruitment to send you an email because then I would be able to fill it with rants about our success. But, then I realized that wasn’t the reason I wanted to email you in the first place. I know that the entire chapter LOVED having you here, and the words you said really did resonate with each person in different ways. However, I don’t exactly have the right to say thank-you on their behalf, and therefore I can only send you my personal gratitude.

I want you to know how much respect and admiration I have for what you do. It can be so easy for sorority recruitment to become something that disintegrates a person’s character until there’s nothing left but residue of a spray tan and sore feet. I know that after your visit here, you’re probably still wondering why I even joined a sorority, let alone why I became our recruitment chair. I have many reasons for that, which would make this email far too complicated, so I’ll try to keep it simple. The message that you spread to women across the country is one that is honest and pure. I have endless respect for someone who looks past all of the BS, ignores the pressure to be shallow and superficial, and motivates people to stick to what they know is right. On a certain level, I think that is what I am aspiring to do. I want these girls - my peers - to understand that Kappa Delta can be a microcosm of the world at large, and that we can instill values that extend beyond who has the best costume at Frat socials. Life is about balance, family, happiness, good company, hard work, and so much more that should never be ignored or forgotten.

Anyways, I have to stop myself before this becomes a crazy rant. Your presence here helped remind me why I chose to fill this position in the first place, so I’ll wrap up with what my grandma always says: "Thank you for being you.” It’s the perfect compliment.

I hope the best for the rest of your travels as well as whatever happens beyond that.

Love & AOT,

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