From: Meredith Braselman <>

Subject: A Big ZTA Thank You

Date: January 24, 2017 at 12:22:00 PM EST



Good morning! I know you saw a few pictures from ZTA's Bid Day at Ohio State. We took quota of 62 and had some absolutely outstanding numbers throughout the process considering this was Alpha Zeta chapter's first FR. We are now a chapter of 220 amazing women! I want to thank you for the role you played in our success.

After I got home yesterday I immediately put my thoughts and plans for next year down on paper - and that includes your workshop next fall. The biggest work we have to do is Round 3 conversation. We'll be working on helping the women gain confidence in sharing their ZTA story and selling harder to the PNMs. They just didn't understand that part, which is understandable at this point.

The chapter is thriving and we have such a wonderful story to share with PNMs! Thank you again for your leadership and friendship to ZTA!

All the best,




ZTA DNCH, Ohio State University

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